Climate Control – Does the weather affect your mood?


In some countries, there are no seasons, no such thing as spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Does that mean to say that people who live in the tropics are non moody?  If their mood change it definitely cannot be the weather.  Rain may affect their plans for the day, how disappointing but who can control the heavens?

No doubt the idea that the weather and people’s moods are connected is quite old.  I do agree somewhat mood changes can happen in extreme seasons like summer and winter.  Many agree that weather does appear to impact our moods and then used that as a yardstick on your mood swings.   Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD) is characterized by feelings of sadness and depression that occur in the winter months when the temperatures drop and the days grow short.  This specific form of depression is often associated with excessive eating or sleeping and weight gain with the excuse to eat more during winter for warm.  Reachers said that women are twice to three times more likely to suffer from the winter blues than men BUT never use this excuse to do anything different with the seasonal change.

Personally I cannot deny that moods and weather are connected but I believe a person’s mood is all in the mind.

Focus on the bright side and be appreciative of your life.

Take control of any mood changes.

The weather cannot take your smile away.  Irregardless of rain or shine, frost or snow, you can still SMILE.


The idea that the weather and people’s moods are connected is quite old.  Do you agree?

If yes, how does the weather affect your mood?

via Climate Control.

3 thoughts on “Climate Control – Does the weather affect your mood?

  1. i tend to get the winter blues. i just feel kinda down for no apparent reason. i try to find the bright side..its odd how the weather can affect some people like this.
    Great post by the way 🙂


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