Wise Wednesday ……. Haiku and Tanka

Today is not Wordless Wednesday.

It is Wise Wednesday.

I learned what is Haiku

and Tanka.

Five folded expressions.



What’s better than a perfect bite? Two perfect bites.

If haiku is the sashimi of poetry, tanka is its heartier hand roll cousin.

Traditional tanka contain five lines instead of haiku’s three, and 31 syllables instead of 17. The structure is that of a haiku followed by two additional lines of seven syllables each: 5-7-5-7-7. (Many contemporary poets take liberties with the specifics, and you can, too.)

So what can you do
With tanka? “I’m no poet,”
You might say, shrugging.
Why, I thought you’d never ask.
The options are infinite.

via Daily Prompt


About Tanka

Like anything else, tanka can be made simple or complicated.   Here is a simple definition:

Tanka is normally a short poem of five lines in length, which engages the imagination.  Good tanka suggests far more than it actually says.

via About Tanka




School of Tanka 

Jane Reichhold 

I hope will find much here to inform and entertain you. The highest wish, however is that you feel tanka is a poetry form for you. You can do it. With all the help here you should be able to do it marvelously – the way tanka should be written.

Click here to take your lessons now.



4 thoughts on “Wise Wednesday ……. Haiku and Tanka

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