Humanity is going through a disaster together

For this week’s challenge, share what humanity means to you.

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Disaster brings people together.

Disaster brings out kindness.

Disaster brings out best human behaviour.

Ironically disaster brings out humanity.



This was just one of the stories on humanity after Christchurch was struck with a deadly earthquake on 22 February 2011.



– Bexley, Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

This is what I posted on Facebook about 10 days after the Feb 22nd EQ.

Went to Bexley/Brighton on Sunday (Fed Farmers and Students organising people) to help dig silt off people’s gardens, driveaways, the street etc. Unbelievable. Up to a metre thick at times, smelly, wet….some streets just completely destroyed – red stickered houses, power poles down, piles of mud. Lots of people have, understandably, just gone elsewhere.

But lots of amazing things happening too. A young woman from Tauranga had quit her job and come down to CHCH after the earthquake and had set up a kitchen in someone’s garage. This house happened to have an artesian water supply. She said food just kept turning up (the Otago Students Association were dropping off food when we got there) and she was feeding about 50 of the neighbours each night (lots of elderly people). Another elderly man was busy mowing people’s lawns, because that’s what he could manage, while we dug out his driveway. And a housing company was driving around with a water tank on the back of their truck making sure everyone had enough water.

So simultaneously sad and hopeful.

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5 thoughts on “Humanity is going through a disaster together

  1. I remember that fateful day, watching the live coverage of the rescue efforts on tv, from the safety of my living room in Auckland. I had just left the city a few days earlier, and so to see it in a pile of rubble was truly heart-rending. It is a poignant observation you’ve made, my friend, it is indeed ironic that it takes a disaster of such a scale to bring people together. Nonetheless, we should not give up hope on humanity. I haven’t. After all, we have only each other to hold on to at the end of the day.


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