Three important songs in my life

Jorge Luis Borges said: “Writing is nothing more than a guided dream.”

So, what are you waiting for?  Get writing.  Fifteen minutes.

Write about the three most important songs in your life – what do they mean to you?




Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling,
Calling for you and for me;
See, on the portals He’s waiting and watching,
Watching for you and for me.

Come home, come home,
You who are weary, come home;
Earnestly, tenderly, Jesus is calling,
Calling, O sinner, come home!


This song gives me hope.  It gives me comfort that even in death, I am not alone. It gives me courage to go forward in my journey, enjoying the moment, live my life,  share my time with those around me. When my time is up, Almighty with a host of angels are waiting to lead me to my eternal peace.



And sometimes when we touch
The honesty’s too much
And I have to close my eyes
And hide
I want to hold you till I die
Till we both break down and cry
I want to hold you till the fear in me subsides


I used to love fiercely and passionately.  Time may have diluted a little of that as I got hurt time and again. The way I loved was like two hands, his and mine coming together. I clinched my fist then he wrapped his hand over mine.  In reality, that is a scary way to love.  The logical way to love is like holding hands, locking each of our fingers in between, both hands entwined.  That represents a symbol of equal commitment to the one another. On the other hand, when one is head over heels in love, who can stay logical.  In reality, love should not be too submissive of one party to the other.  If such a love fails, one party often suffer all the hurt and pain.  That’s my lesson in life.



Puff, the magic dragon lived by the sea
And frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honah Lee,
Little Jackie paper loved that rascal puff,
And brought him strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff. oh

I cannot remember when I first heard this song neither do I care for the speculations about this song being linked to  puffing or smoking marijuana.  Irregardless the true meaning, be it about a drug or about a dragon and boy, I love the magic around the song.  Life can be as rough as you make it, full of temptations and if this song is about a drug then let that serve as a reminder to keep away.  If it is about a magical tale then let that be a flicker of hope in hours of darkness that miracles do happen.  Therefore do not despair.




Now your turn, what are your three most important songs in your life?

via Writing 101 – Commit to a Writing Practice



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