Writing 101: The Things We Treasure

The things we treasure.  Things, people, material, non-material, the list is endless.

Some things you treasure today may not be as precious tomorrow.  This is especially so for material items.  In most cases when you treasure a person, that treasure will be for life.  The love a parent has for her child remains forever.  Her child (or children) are her lifetime treasure.

Bolster - Image credit http://www.minime.com.my/

For material things, as far as I remembered, as a young child, my treasure was my bolster.  It gave me comfort holding on to it and hugging it to sleep. Bolster – Image credit http://www.minime.com.my/


As I grew older, my treasures were my board games of scrabbles and monopoly.  Image credit http://www.ananseproductions.com/taking-apart-scrabble/


Finally this is my treasure. Bluey has been with me for the last fifteen years. He sleeps with me and travels with me.

My most-prized possession is a teddy bear named Bluey.  I used to travel quite a lot at the prime of my career, spending nights in hotels away from home.  I wanted something personal on my bed.  He is a bean bag teddy bear, brown but for some reason, I named him Bluey.  Whenever I travel, he comes with me.  For long haul flights, he is my pillow.  Often times I wondered if anyone would find it weird that this middle aged lady still carries her ‘toy’ with her but I just chose not to be bothered with what others think as long as I feel good, feel safe and feel at home.  My Bluey is my comfort.  He would still be in perfect condition if not for my dog who sometimes went silly and nibbled my poor Bluey.

The things we treasure has no price tag.  Our children, our treasure too has no price tag.  My treasure is not any diamond, gold or any precious gems.  It is something I hold dear in my heart, even old and worn.




 What is your most-prized possession?




For our final assignment, tell the tale of your most-prized possession. If you’re up for a twist, go long — experiment with longform and push yourself to write more than usual.

via Writing 101: The Things We Treasure.


This may not be a second hand story but it is a story close to the writer’s heart who over the years have heard from family and friends with similar viewpoints.  The things we treasure is not necessarily diamond or gold.

via Daily Prompt : Second-hand stories

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