Grid – Longhouse

The below pictures are parts of a longhouse taken during my visit to Borneo Rainforest Festival a couple of years ago.

Experienced the history, tradition, lifestyles and architecture of the indigenous people of Sarawak. Spend the night in a traditional longhouse build with axe hewn timber, tied with creeper fiber, roofed with leaf thatch. The joyous atmosphere of the longhouse will sweep you away with drums and gongs, Pua weaving, Kuih jala (a traditional dessert), tuak (rice wine), hanging skulls carrying tales of headhunting days gone by.

The Iban are one of many groups of indigenous people still living in Borneo and unlike the Penan tribe, who hunt and move around every few days, the Iban are ‘settlers’ who live in a communal longhouse – a wooden structure built on stilts, with one side sectioned off into a row of separate family rooms and the other used an open social area and meeting space. If another Iban native or family arrives to join the community then the house is simply elongated to accommodate them, hence its name.DSC06080 DSC06083 DSC06084 DSC06120

We often superimpose a mental grid over things we photograph to help with composition. This week, let’s go literal.

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