Ornate – Chinese Architecture

Architects in ancient China used different colors or paintings according to the particular need or local customs. Some buildings use multiple colors to make strong contrast. Others use soften color to make it simple but elegant. Chinese architecture has always been in harmony with nature. The country’s architecture is highly symmetrical, which theoretically supports the proper order of things and signifies a sense of stately greatness.
Chinese architecture has reserved certain designs for people of different status. Aspects of the building such as height, colour, material, and size of the house were all regulated by law according to rank of the family living there.

Chinese Architecture is an art, it is ornate, elaborately and highly decorated.DSC03638 DSC03639 DSC03640

In your photo this week, share something unabashedly ornate — where it’s clear that the creators pulled no stops and went all out. Whether it’s a breathtaking triumph or a total train wreck, I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Source: Ornate