Loneliness and obesity

This article caught my attention.

Why being lonely is deadlier than obesity

Loneliness and obesity.

I personally feel that when you are lonely, you either feel all or nothing.

You feel alone, you feel poor, you feel pitiful, you feel you have nothing.

On the contrary, you denied yourself that loneliness so you splash on food, drinks and all the unhealthy snacks around you, hooked on the TV and became a couch potato and obesity became your friend.

Being cut off from others can weaken our ability to fight viruses.
Being lonely won’t just make you miserable; it could also suppress your immune system and knock years off your life.

Research shows that those who feel the most isolated in later life are almost 15 per cent more likely to die early than those who feel the most wanted and needed.

This makes loneliness twice as bad for health as obesity.

The study is published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and highlights that loneliness can also disrupt sleep – leaving people feeling lethargic the next day and more likely to rely on sleeping tablets.  I find this really true having been there.

Finding company in a beloved pet is one way to get out of loneliness.  Yes, get a pet (a dog is best), not food or drinks.  Your faithful doggy friend needs regular walk so obesity and loneliness will leave you.

Do you allow loneliness to control you?  Get out of it !

To read more click here for Health & Well Being, NZ Herald.





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