Friends are the family you choose

I found this photo from an old folder.  I do not own this photograph but I am sure the photographer won’t mind me adding a frame and using it with this week’s photo challenge.

What better way to get the message across than in a saucer, the art of sharing.

Friends are the family you choose.

You bring them home, you dine with them, some even drink from the same cup and share a saucer of dipping sauce.

This week, share a photo of a detail that makes a good thing even better.

Credit to the photographer (unknown).  Edited by Little Borneo Girl.



Music brings the Opposites together


They are all different.

She’s black, he’s blonde.

He’s got a black top and she’s got a white.

They are sitting on beanies of different color.

They are opposites but they don’t repel.

They all come together to enjoy the same music.