Below or under

What immediately come into your mind if you were asked to ponder on what topic to write or talk about with the world BELOW.

With me as someone who promoted the HBO TV Series working in that line (though I didn’t follow it then and still haven’t watched it now) BELOW just made me think immediately of ‘6 feet under’.

Funnily enough, the series was titled ‘6 feet UNDER‘ and not BELOW. Either way, they mean the same thing to me. I probably thought of this immediately as I went through the most terrible and saddest year ever 2019 losing three loved ones from Dec 2018 to Oct 2019.  One good thing about it is they are no longer suffering but are angels in heaven (I want to believe that).

In happier times, I would probably be writing about 42 below.

If you’re from New Zealand, you will know and if not, that’s really pure vodka from New Zealand.

If you had been good during lockdown, do enjoy a sip of 42BELOW.

42 Below Rated In New York Times Review | Scoop News

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