Jokes about relationship


Many people get serious when they form a relationship.

Hence there are no jokes about relationship.


A relationship story about a successful couple.
A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.
A successful woman is one who can find such a man.

This is no joke.

Relationships are like fat people, most of them do not work out.

After a quarrel, a wife said to her husband, “You know, I was a fool when I married you.”
The husband replied, “Yes, dear, but I was so in love and didn’t notice.”

Then there was this teenage son who went to his father and said,

“Since I met her I can’t eat, drink, or sleep.”
“Why’s that?” asked his father.
“Because,” he said, “I’m broke.”

So indeed, relationship is no joke !

Let’s check on the cook and have a laugh.



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How to mend a broken heart


A broken heart (also known as a heartbreak or heartache) is a common metaphor for the intense emotional pain or suffering one feels after losing a loved one, whether through death, divorce, breakup, separation, betrayal, or romantic rejection.

Heartbreak is usually associated with losing an essay, a family member or partner, though losing a parent, sibling, child, pet, lover or close friend can all cause heartaches and it is frequently experienced during grief and bereavement.

– extracted from Wikipedia –

Generally when we talk about broken heart we relate it to romantic rejection.

You asked yourself about what went wrong.  Why did he or she leave?  Why isn’t she interested anymore?

No matter how many times you go through it, it doesn’t get easier.

The sooner you can pull yourself together, the sooner you can move on.

Though easier said than done, you are not alone.

Be brave and take the 3 important steps to heal.

Step 1. Let It Out

Step 2: Stay Busy

Step 3. Stop Rewinding the Clock

“Relationships are like glass.  Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together” 

~ Unknown ~

Click on below links to learn how to mend a broken heart.

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What is friendship?

Do you call someone you hang out with a friend?  Is a flatmate, a colleague or someone who lives in your neighborhood, someone to do things with considered a friend?  Is your partner or your daughter a friend?  If you have that person as your Facebook friend, is he or she really a friend to you?

When you take a step back and ponder, perhaps none of those people that are in your life are really friends.  Your partner or children are family and can be friends if there are connections but those people you socialize with are most probably just acquaintances.

Friendship takes time to grow.  To be truly considered a friend, the other person has to also believe you are their friend too.  There is a difference between being friends and acting friendly. Someone who is a friend will introduce you as a friend to others or tell you that you are their friend.  A friend stays in touch with you during the week, either a call, text or email.  A friend is someone who has done something nice for you and who is interested when you talk about your life, someone who listens and comforts.  A true friend is not someone who is trying to compete with you or someone who constantly puts you down.  A friend is someone who is there for you when you feel the world has left you.

“A friend is one who walks in when others walk out”
-Walter Winchell

It is better to have a handful of friends then being surrounded by dozens of acquaintances.  I have come to realized that friendship made from young are the most genuine of all.  When two young children meet and connect on their first day at school, they formed a bond and often, that bond is extended through the years and even after many years of not seeing each other, when they meet up again, the bond returns.  In this aspect, social media like Facebook plays a great part in connecting people who would otherwise had lost contact.  This is only one occasion that I would consider Facebook Friend a friend, probably less than a handful of them out of a few hundred.

At times you may feel lonely even when you are out with a whole group of acquaintances.   Socializing is a form of entertainment and too much going out and about with people who are just acquaintances or casual mates may not be at all meaningful. Spending time with another whom you consider a friend is something else.  Friendship is a truly valuable gift.

Do you prefer having many casual friends or one true friend?



Loneliness is an interesting feeling


Loneliness is an interesting feeling
because it is so complex
and so emotional
you feel you are isolated and alone.

Loneliness is an interesting feeling
because when you feel isolated
and allow your emotions to get the better of you
you can become withdrawn and lonely even in the company of others.

Loneliness is an interesting feeling
because when you are alone
you own your space and time
you can do whatever you want or just do nothing at all.

Loneliness is an interesting feeling
because you can turn it around
either take it easy enjoy your own company
or get out surround yourself with people or activities you enjoy.

Loneliness is an interesting feeling
because it is an essence of being human
born into the world alone
travels through life as one person and ultimately dies alone.


A hug is an embrace,

a form of physical intimacy

when two people hold each other closely.

A hug is a connection,

a kind of non verbal communication

that means comfort, friendship, love or affection

A hug is a general indication

that two people are familiar with each other,

shared between friends, family, siblings, mother and child.

A hug is replaced by a handshake

in some cultures when strangers meet,

though in other culture, it is a form of greeting.

A hug is a cuddle,

loving gesture of affection

freely given and lovingly received.

Are you at your prime?

What does at your prime means?


canstock5207581Generally I was told that women are at their prime in their early forties but of course that again depends on individuals.  ‘At your prime’ generally means you are at your best physical condition, health, beauty, sexual and any form of physical well being or attraction.  This phrase is generally used in conversation and I have heard it often from men who said that women are at their prime in their forties.  Perhaps those who said this, meant that women (or men) are at the peak of their life, when they are not too old or too young, still desirable and an attraction to the opposite sex.



mancartoonAt your prime could also be anything from physical attraction to career.  A man or woman in their forties or fifties could be at their prime because they are at the peak of the corporate ladder.


grandparentscartoonAnother category of being at your prime could refer to parents (probably now grandparents) who had raised their children who left their nest and started their own family.  Couple at their prime are happily retired after years of working, providing and saving for their retirement and now putting their feet up or taking a holiday as and when enjoying the remaining years of their life.


Does the prime of your life has to do with physical well being (health), money or happiness?  Is it all three or any one of those?  Is it the same for everyone?


Being at one’s prime has one common aspect irregardless of what it means.  To everyone, at your prime means one simple thing  – self satisfaction when one has reached their maximum potential.  Some may feel happy that they are physically attractive and gets second (or more glances) where ever they go, eyes turned around to give them a second look – when a woman thinks she is the hottest chick that every men would want to date or when a man thinks he is the most eligible bachelor around town.


Others may feel a sense of achievement in their career or proud that they have raised their children well.   When someone reach their prime, they have more or less reached the strongest point of their lives.  It is the time of maturity when power and vigor are greatest.  ‘Prime’ is a factor when one has performed their best at a stage of his or her life and that usually passes or fade away.  Prime takes a while to reach and is awesome when you get it.


Are you at your prime yet or are you still waiting for it to come?

If you are at the prime of your life, make it last, enjoy it,

cherish those moments because it will never come back again.



New Friendship Page

Good day everyone.

I have just created a friendship page and I would like to invite everybody to please pay me a visit and make that an interactive page.

For some reason, that page did not show in my reader so I do not know if anyone out there is aware of this new post.

To visit please click this link


For any singles out there in the world, please visit this link


Sending you love and hugs and a BIG SMILE.




Siblings Rivalry

Wikipedia the free encyclopedia defined Sibling rivalry as a type of competition or animosity among siblings, whether blood related or not.

It is common for brothers and sisters to fight especially when they are younger and when the age gap is small.  It is also common for them to swing back and forth between adoring and detesting one other.  As kids reach different stages of development, their evolving needs can significantly affect how they relate to one another.

She gets to go to the movies with her friends! How come I can’t go?”

“You love him more than me!”

“I wish I were an only child!”

Parents have heard it all when more than one child resides under their roof. Although siblings can be the closest of friends, it’s rare to find a child who gets along perfectly with all of his or her siblings.

Brothers and sisters fight — it’s just the natural ebb and flow of family life. Different personalities and ages can play a role, but siblings also often see themselves as rivals, competing for an equal share of limited family resources (like the bathroom, telephone, or last piece of cake) and parental attention.

Sibling rivalry is a normal part of growing up, but it can drive parents crazy. The key to minimizing disputes at home? Know when to let your kids work out their problems themselves and when to step in and play referee.


The above is an extract from

For more details on siblings rivalry please click on above link.


Sharing a little on this topic from personal experience ……


Indeed sibling rivalry is a normal part of growing up.  My  two children (four years apart) used to ‘hate’ each other until they went to school and being in the same school and having to be together at lunch and to wait for pickup together to and from school, eventually they became ‘best’ friends.


My sister and myself (one year apart) were never close in our childhood.  We lived in a big family home with uncles, aunties, parents, cousins and younger brothers.  We were brought up like an only child because we had an aunt each who loved us as their own.  We never shared our clothes or had any ‘hand me downs’ and we were the only girls in the family at that time before the younger girl cousins were born.  I used to think my mother loved my sister more than me just because she was younger and when we fought, I had to give in to her just because she was younger.  It was not until we were mothers that we became connected and there was nothing at all that was significant that brought us together.  I just believe the saying that ‘blood is thicker than water’ naturally connect us as a family.


So to parents out there experiencing siblings rivalry between their children, I personally do not think there is any big concern at all provided one stay firm as parents and never ever side one child over the other.  Do not make any comparisons and let your children settle their own differences.


That’s one person’s viewpoint.  What are your thoughts on this subject?



The question that’s probably uppermost in the child’s mind is: Why do my parents want to have a baby? Don’t they love me? And if  they love me, why do they need another one? Aren’t I enough? Imagine for a minute yourself in a similar situation. Your husband comes home and says: “Honey I love you so much, I’ve decided to go get another wife so I can have two.” How would you feel?


Lawrence Balter (20th century), U.S. psychologist and author. Dr. Balter’s Child Sense, part 3, ch. 42 (1985).

sibling sibling1 sibling2
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9 Ways to make friends and find a date

Years ago, it was common that couples were childhood sweetheart or found each other through matchmaking.

Today, the trend is more towards social groups and online dating.

Below are some ways to meet your special someone.

1.   School friends and college mates

childhood sweetheart

2.   Office mates and associates

Office Romance - Photo credit

Office Romance – Photo credit

3.   Friends of friends


4.   Pubs and social meeting places


5.   Community, volunteer or church groups


6.   Social activities such as sports events, food & wine festivals


7.  Parks – Walks/runs and Dog walks


8.   Singles group or speed date


9.   Online dating sites

Any other tips to share, anyone?

More about Online Dating – check out this interesting blog

Looking for friends locally?

Click here to check out a Meetup group near you.

When my last relationship failed, I decided to give up dating.  I wanted to be alone, not by choice but by circumstance.  I decided then after that failed relationship that I have to learn to be independent, while being alone, yet still being able to enjoy and do the things I want to do.

I gave up on dating sites and I honestly cannot recall how I stumbled upon meetup.  It was one of the best gift that happened to me.  I became a member of the meetup group but most activities happened quite a drive from where I live.  I attended a couple of meetups and then decided I wanted to be in control, to be able to go out as and when I want to and not have to drive miles and miles away to enjoy an evening.  I started my own meetup group with the objective of hanging out with like minded people that live in the same area.

Today, my meetup is almost one year old.  I am not looking at being an organizer of a huge meetup group.   I believe in quality rather than quantity and I am very happy to say that we have formed a very close knitted group in our local community and it is such a blessing especially for women (or men for that matter) who thought they would be suffering, feeling sorry for themselves from a broken relationship, withdrawn and hurt.  While it hurts from broken relationship, the hurt is not going to be forever as long as you do not allow it to control you.  Life is more valuable than to sit and drown in sorrow, feeling sorry for yourself.

Get out, feel and sunshine on your skin (or play with the snow) whatever is the season.

Life is a breeze, enjoy it while it last.

Are you a member of a meetup group?
If not, look up one near you.  I would love to hear of your experiences.
Friendship makes the world goes round.

Meetup is the world’s largest network of local groups. Meetup makes it easy for anyone to organize a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face. More than 9,000 groups get together in local communities each day, each one with the goal of improving themselves or their communities.

Meetup’s mission is to revitalize local community and help people around the world self-organize. Meetup believes that people can change their personal world, or the whole world, by organizing themselves into groups that are powerful enough to make a difference.

For more about meetup check it out here

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