Roses are red, violets are blue ………


Look at these roses and see which you are drawn to most right now.  Then scroll down to read the corresponding Angel message for you.



WHITE ROSE:  This is a great time of transformation for you, dear one, where any changes you experience, whether they feel planned or not, are answers to your prayers to live more authentically and be who you truly are! Have faith because it’s all working out in ways you cannot imagine and you’ll soon feel a greater sense of freedom than ever before. Spread your wings, butterfly! 

PINK ROSE:  Be kinder to yourself, dear one, and remember that you are doing the best you can now and always. This is a particularly important time to practise self-care and to pay attention to how you treat yourself on a daily basis. You might like to ask yourself ‘Would I say or do that to my best friend?’ The answer may most likely to be no at first. But you can choose to be more of a friend to yourself now. You are worthy and wonderful in all ways! Bless your precious heart! 

YELLOW ROSE:  Any conflicts or situations involving others that have been bothering you are being resolved. Let go of focusing on the problem and visualize being at peace. You needn’t know how, but by shifting your view point, you create space for miraculous healing or your desired outcome to occur. You are surrounded by love and are never alone. Call on us for extra support whenever you need it, dear one. We love you 

RED ROSE:  This is a reminder that you are a powerful, wise being and your power is LOVE, dear one. So please give us any fears you have about stepping into this power and shining bright! And remember, too, no one else is the source of your happiness, so choose to be happy right now and focus on YOU. You have the ability to imagine, and therefore create, anything you desire. Shine on, beautiful soul! 

BLUE ROSE:  Immerse yourself in beautiful music as a way to uplift your mind and heart now, dear one. You are a vibrational being and the sounds you listen to have a great effect on your energy. This is also a sign to you if you have felt drawn to write or play music yourself, to go ahead! As you express yourself in this way, if only for yourself or loved ones, you open the door to new opportunities and a new level of your intuition.


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