Love Only Made with Loved One

So true. From the heart of a woman.

From Hiding to Blogging


Eileen Chang (張愛玲), one of the most influential Chinese writers, once wrote: a man’s heart can be reached through his stomach, and a woman’s through her vagina.  Such words, straightforward and even cruel, revealed simple and humble natures of a woman.

For many girls, the first sexual experience may feel as confusing as sleepwalking.  In most cases she has no preparations on what she is looking for and what she is about to get, sexual satisfaction is beyond her reach.  The imperfect experience forms part of the reasons that the relationship with her first sexual partner is usually short lived.

Despite this after her very first sexual encounter, an impression on her partner, more or less, good or bad, may be stored in her memory for the rest of her life.  This might be why even nowadays an oriental man is still obsessed with the concept of virginity, carrying an expectation to leave a scar in her heart by being her first before departing to hunt…

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Writing 101: Lost and found – Forget me not

There were two of us at the front office counter that morning.  Most of the officers had gone out on their patrol duties.

My colleague was on the phone with the owner updating the status of a stolen car.  All incoming calls went into the 111 call centre and our job was mostly follow up cases and face to face incidents where things were found by locals and brought in to us or at times someone may have caught a thief and pulled him or her in.  Everyday is different, some days someone may bring in a puppy or a cat, a wallet or a cellphone or a camera.  The list is endless.  Sometimes we may get the odd couples fighting their way to the police station !

It was a chilly morning.  A man in a business suit came in with a lady wearing a button-front blouse and pants.  I noticed her buttons were done the wrong way, missing one so one side of the front was longer than the other.  Her hair was in a mess and she was carrying a plastic bag with a loaf of bread.

” I found her wandering in the main street asking me to take her home.  She doesn’t know where she lives.”

I took down the man’s name and contact number and thanked him for bringing her in to us.

The lady did not talk much.  She appeared to be in a shock and looked very lost.  She did not even know her own name or her home address.  She indicated that by shaking her head.  All she said was

“My granddaughter is at home.  I need to get home and make her breakfast.”

Luckily she had her purse and we managed to track her community card and contacted her daughter who was out in the streets looking for her.  She apologized and said that possibly her mother may have signs of dementia but they did not realized it was so bad.

The early signs and symptoms of dementia may be very subtle and hard to recognise. If you think you or someone you know is showing signs of dementia, it’s very important to see a doctor as soon as you have any concerns.

Below is a Thai commercial video about showing the love and care the husband has for his wife who is suffering from dementia.

Lost and found.  Forget me not.




via Writing 101 : Third Time’s the Charm

Today, imagine you work in a place where you manage lost or forgotten items. What might you find in the pile? For those participating in our serial challenge, reflect on the theme of “lost and found,” too.

via Writing 101: Third Time’s the Charm.

Your precious opinion please.

As you all know, the theme of my blog is on friendship and therefore I have chosen ‘The Lovebird Theme’.

I hope to give everyone who clicked and entered ‘Worldwide Friends’ a sweet and welcoming feel.  I found ‘The Lovebird Theme’ very appropriate however as you may have noticed that in several of my posts, the gravatars on Likes and Tags overlapped each other.  I have checked with WP Support but apparently I doubt anything can be done about it unless I upgrade my CSS, something pretty technical to me.  My blog is pretty new and I am a novice, not that tech savvy to bother to pay for an upgrade so I am considering changing my theme.  I have browsed at other themes but none of them has that ‘soft and sweet’ feel that lovebirds give which is so appropriate to the theme of my blog.

Personally I do feel that the default font for this theme is pretty small and when I write an article, some readers may just speed read or scan through rather than actually reading word by word as this theme does not have that clear easy presentation unlike those twenty eleven or fourteen kind of magazine easy-to-read theme.  It takes a lot more concentration to focus on reading small fonts, what do you think?

Before I change my look (just considering at the moment), I would appreciate your precious opinions from readers and my blogger friends out there.  What do you think generally?  Do you like my current theme?  Does the small font or that overlapping Likes and Tags bother you at all or should I perhaps look for a makeover?


Should my lovebirds go?

I sincerely appreciate your precious opinion, please.

PS    IF there are no comments, it may appear that I would have no choice but the let my lovebirds go as no one is reading my blog.  (Sob….sob)   My aim is to make WordwideFriends an interactive blog so I would appreciate your honest opinion.  Greatly appreciated.  Thank you.