You don’t need that thing, and you can afford to buy it, but you can’t help yourself.  You secretly took that item without paying.

You did it !  It gave you pleasure and you do it again and again.  You went on a stealing spree and that became a habit.  That habit precipice and it appears like you are overhanging on an extremely steep mass of rock, such as a crag or the face of a cliff.  You are in danger with disastrous results.

You are more than a petty thief.  You are labelled a serial shoplifter but you are in fact a kleptomaniac.

Kleptomania is a condition in which an individual experiences a consistent impulse to steal items not needed for personal use or monetary value.   Kleptomania involves experiencing tension before the theft and feelings of pleasure, gratification, or relief when committing the theft.

The age of onset for kleptomania is variable. It can begin in childhood, adolescence, or adulthood and in rare cases, late adulthood.  Kleptomania is rare overall, but more common in females than in males.  Evidence indicates that kleptomania may be related to,  or a variant of,  mood disorders such as depression.

The cause of kleptomania remains unknown but risk factors include a family history of kleptomania or other impulse control disorders.

No cure exists, but treatment with talk therapy and medication such as antidepressants may help end the cycle of compulsive stealing.
I wrote this article after reading an article in The Straits Times (Singapore) that a former engineer facing eight charges of theft was found dead, a day before her pre-trial conference for the latest theft spree.
A very sad ending to a sickness that has no cure.

Only temporary

often conjures up feelings of instability or uncertainty.

Something to be avoided.

can take you out of your comfort zone,
where you have to be more aware of your surroundings,
other people, and your actions.

Life is no longer on auto-pilot.

Temporary is not comfortable to many people,
but a healthy dose, helps you to appreciate who you are,
what you have, and what is missing in your life.

Fear not of any bitter situation for they are only temporary.

Don’t let any setbacks bring you down,
they are supposed to build you up !

Live life to the full, pursue your dreams.

Contributed by guest blogger, B.Silcock


The path of love



A journey has many paths,
one of which leads to love.

In your dreams the path of love
leads to a heart with Cupid’s arrow.

In reality the path of love
often leads to broken hearts.

When you walk into the love path,
the journey is never smooth.

As you fall in love,
you or your lover may also fall out of love.

Obstacles come and go
but both have to walk on.

I take your hand and you take mine,
until death do us part.




Friends are the family you choose

I found this photo from an old folder.  I do not own this photograph but I am sure the photographer won’t mind me adding a frame and using it with this week’s photo challenge.

What better way to get the message across than in a saucer, the art of sharing.

Friends are the family you choose.

You bring them home, you dine with them, some even drink from the same cup and share a saucer of dipping sauce.

This week, share a photo of a detail that makes a good thing even better.

Credit to the photographer (unknown).  Edited by Little Borneo Girl.