Relationship Page for Singles

This page is created for anyone and everyone who are single and looking for a friend and hopefully a future soulmate  if that happens.  This blog is not a dating site.  It serves to provide a meeting place for single people or bloggers to interact with one another and if friendship turns into a relationship, it is a bonus.

There will be other pages to be created for the blogging community to connect with one another on this blog so honesty is very much appreciated here.  There are various pages for various status that will be coming up soon so if your status is not SINGLE, this page is not for you.

The purpose of this page is to give readers a spot where they can introduce themselves, talk about their own writing, or anything else, for that matter.  It is hoped that like minded ‘single’ bloggers can interact and become friends either with one or with many and if relationship happens as mentioned, it is a bonus.  So  I now invite everyone to write a sentence or two about yourself or your blog and include the URL so every readers can visit your site and may our friendship begin.


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