Love in 400 words

Love makes the world go round. Though no facts or figures proven, love can make one sink or rise. It is a powerful emotion.

There are many kinds of love all evolving around emotions, the care for another human being or an item. It can be a parent’s love for a child, siblings love, friendship, a couple’s love or love for a pet. It can also be love for material things which is sometimes good, most times bad. Love can become obsessive and an addiction.  As the saying goes, the love of money is the root of all evils.  Money is a means to an end but when one gets greedy that’s when love snaps and tragedy steps in.

In most cases a child is born out of love. In this destructive world some children are conceived through rapes not love. Some are born into a world of suffering and having to fight all odds to stay alive in poverty.  Irregardless of the nature of one’s birth whether born poor or rich, as long as there is love, there is survival. Love surrounds even in the most war-torn countries. Lives may be hard but everyone is capable of giving love. Love is caring, love is giving, love is comforting.  All these equal encouragement and hope in the darkest hour.

A new born child comes into the world with no expectations.  That child yearns to be loved.  Love to be fed, love to be cuddled and in return the child chuckles exuding love and bond to the carer.  Love is all it takes to create peace and harmony.

Love is free to give but priceless to receive.  Love is a two people thing. It takes one to give and another to receive. It may be one-sided in some cases.  When someone gives all the time, is there any point in time when the giver surrenders in exhaustion? Will there be a time when the receiver gets too much love?  If only there is a balance.  Some people are so blessed with love while others are deprived of love.

True love is unconditional and rewarding. When one gives and not expect, the reward is the inner sense of satisfaction from doing good deeds to your fellowmen, sharing and caring for the less fortunate in making the world a better place to live.

What does love means to you in four hundred words?

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