Never judge a book by its cover

Today, you’ll write about the most interesting person you’ve met in 2014.  In your twist, develop and shape your portrait further in a character study

via Writing 101: A Character-Building Experience.


How easy or hard is it to share your house with a stranger?

This stranger responded to our “flatmate wanted” ad.  We were looking for a “working professional, dog lover” to share with two others and a family dog in a four bedroom home.   He came to view, along with his wife who just got a job overseas hence he was looking to flat temporarily till he knows his future plans.

Both in their mid thirties, and sure enough fitted the “working professional” description.  They were tanned, Indian and very pleasant couple.  He was of average height and built.  My dog barked crazily but he was not scared.  That did not necessarily mean he is a “dog lover” but enough to show me that he doesn’t mind dogs.

He moved in within a week.  That dog took a week to accept him.  I would have thought my house would smell of Indian kitchen in no time but I was totally wrong.  My wine rack was almost full with wine of all sorts and he asked me where he could store his.  I have an appreciation of wine with food.  I thought he was a “wine connoisseur” like me.  Again I was wrong.

Surprisingly he told me he was going to go on a diet to loose some weight.  Unbelievable as I honestly did and still do not see any extra pounds that needed to be shed off.  He had been staying with us now for the last couple of months.  He had never once cooked any Indian meal and I have not seen him with a glass of wine, not even once.  Instead he dines on Jenny Craig, the weight management program.

I guess he is preparing himself to “feel like new, feel like you” (Jenny Craig’s slogan).  Trim and fit to move abroad to join his wife soon.

Introducing Dee, our flatmate, the fittest and most disciplined man in our house.  He is no typical Indian though was tempted once when I had Beef Saagwala cooking on the stove and he asked for a taste !


Do you mind sharing your house with a stranger?  This is one interesting character I don’t really mind.