Is your sister your best friend?

Is your sister your best friend?

If you ask the majority of people, I doubt many will say “YES”.  In reality many sisters are best friends, even though they may not know or acknowledge it.  This is one person’s opinion which some may not agree.  I have a sister and although we do not consider each other as ‘best friends’ we do care and feel for each other as part of the family and there is blood connection.  Being blood connection means if you are down in the dumps and no one to turn too, your sister may be the only friend there for you, whether or not she is willing she may have to lend you a shoulder to cry on.  As the saying goes, blood is thicker than water.

Let us then treasure our sisters.  Many of us once we grow up, have our own family, tend to neglect our siblings.  Perhaps we should make it a routine to give each other a call once a month if we live in different town or cities and those who live close to each other, having a cup of coffee, chat, gossip whatever to strengthen the love and connection.

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