Writing 101 : Unlock the mind

To get started, let’s loosen up.  Let’s unlock the mind.
Today, take twenty minutes to free write.  And don’t think about what you’ll write.
Just write.


I started this blog with a big idea of wanting to connect people all around the world in friendship, not just a blogger community but a place where anyone and everyone all over the world can log in and find another to connect with.  A place where you can make friends and meet up face to face (one day somewhere perhaps).

Friendship and relationship is the theme of my blog.  I hope to write about topics on relationship between couples, parent and child, siblings or friends.  It is a whole big community.  This blog is like a big relationship tree with branches representing each category of relationship and twigs are posts of the topics related to each category.

My big dream is to make this blog a place where anyone and everyone can log into whenever they needed someone to talk to.  It is a station for comfort, for leisure or simply just a place where you can find connection any day, any time, wherever you may be.

Ooops time’s up and that is just a start.  That’s a random twenty minutes more or less of thoughts on how this blog came about.

Welcome to Worldwide FriendSoulmate, your friendly blogging station.


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Weekly Writing Challege: Power of Names – Friendsoulmate

Weekly Writing Challege: Power of Names

by Tim (tmoorewp) on March 17, 2014

via Weekly Writing Challege: Power of Names.

I have a name.

My name on this blog is ‘friendsoulmate’.

Or you could call me or my blog ‘Worldwide Friends’ or ‘Worldwide Soulmate’.

Such big and powerful names, meaningful and of great significance as I reach out to the world with one single objective of creating a blog that anyone and everyone can enter in looking for a friend and walking out happy that you have found a friend.

I am initially just scratching the surface, laying the foundation for the big friendship connection.   I visualize one day for this blog to be a virtual meeting place, an imaginary pub, a restaurant, a coffeeshop or any meeting place where you could come in and find a friend or soulmate and have a friendly chat.

‘Friendsoulmate’ – What power does the name provide?

Only time will tell, how my blog will justify my name.

Sincerely yours,