Lonelines led to Cuddle Parties


I was at my local café yesterday.  While sipping my caramel latte and waiting for my brunch of ‘Singapore Laksa’, I read an article in the Woman’s Weekly.

As I was alone, the topic I was reading hit on me.  Did I mind being alone that moment?  Probably not, as it was a Thursday and most people I hang out with were out working so I took my own sweet time doing what I wanted to do.  It was nobody’s business.

Back to the article titled The Loneliness Generation said “We used to live in a society and now we live in an economy”

I thought that was really true.  I tried to connect people in so many ways.  I run a Meet Up group for my local area and am a Lead in the Neighbourly (an online application where neighbours connect).  Neighbourhood Day is next weekend and I tried to organize a Bash but there were no interest.

Indeed loneliness is increasingly common in our modern society.  Many of us are loath to admit it.  Most pretty much do nothing about it.  We just can’t seem to help ourselves.  We long for a stronger sense of community and yet we prize individualism.

As I read more into that article, it mentioned about “Cuddle Party” or “Puppy Piles”.  I have never heard of it but this is happing in the United States and beyond.

Cuddle parties are described by organizers as “workshop/social-events” that give adults an opportunity to “give and receive welcomed affectionate touch in a no-expectation, friendly setting, according to your needs, desires, interests, and boundaries.” Cuddle parties are described as nonsexual events and commonly kissing is not allowed.

A cuddle party is a group experience, while the one-on-one analog is a cuddlebuddy relationship.  They may be referred to as a “puppy pile party” or “Contact Comfort Gathering”.

It doesn’t sound like my kind of thing.  In New Zealand, we do not pay to cuddle.  Sometimes strolling in the city streets, I came across girls wearing a big cupboard sign hung over their neck saying “Free Hugs” or “Embrace Me”.  I guess the society needs that.

Longing for some cuddles?  Sleep with a teddy bear or a pet.


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Loneliness is an interesting feeling


Loneliness is an interesting feeling
because it is so complex
and so emotional
you feel you are isolated and alone.

Loneliness is an interesting feeling
because when you feel isolated
and allow your emotions to get the better of you
you can become withdrawn and lonely even in the company of others.

Loneliness is an interesting feeling
because when you are alone
you own your space and time
you can do whatever you want or just do nothing at all.

Loneliness is an interesting feeling
because you can turn it around
either take it easy enjoy your own company
or get out surround yourself with people or activities you enjoy.

Loneliness is an interesting feeling
because it is an essence of being human
born into the world alone
travels through life as one person and ultimately dies alone.