Writing 101 : Dear House …….

For this assignment I was told to pick up the nearest book and flip to page 29.

What’s the first word that jumps off the page?  Use this word as your springboard for inspiration.

I was looking for a word but that whole sentence was just shouting at me.



You’ll want a house on your own!

– Page 29, The Kite Runner –



Dear House

It is every mature human’s wish to have a house they could call their own.  On the streets, you and your kind stood tall and firm while this person and that person raise their hand and shout a price trying to outbid each other.  Sometimes you may even see someone sob when their dream house disappear before their eyes.

While the human race go around slaving and saving hard to buy their own house, have you ever wondered that you could stand a chance to leak and rot if you have a negligent owner?  You might even end up being a dilapidated house.  What if the humans decide one day to give up the house chasing game altogether and live in camper vans or boats instead or sophisticated tents with the advent of new technology?

Hence this letter is a tip and a gentle reminder.

On your big day tomorrow when I join the group of other bidders to raise my hand for you, do open your eyes and watch out for this lady in red.  Blow the lucky charm on her.  Make yourself within reach, affordable.  Make our marriage possible for your own good.

There is a saying that a house will beckon to its the rightful owner, something we humans called fate.

Be my house and you will be loved.

Yours truly
Perfect Houseowner (Miss)



Home Sweet Home Image credit http://galleryhip.com/cartoon-homes.html

Home Sweet Home
Image credit http://galleryhip.com/cartoon-homes.html


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