Your precious opinion please.

As you all know, the theme of my blog is on friendship and therefore I have chosen ‘The Lovebird Theme’.

I hope to give everyone who clicked and entered ‘Worldwide Friends’ a sweet and welcoming feel.  I found ‘The Lovebird Theme’ very appropriate however as you may have noticed that in several of my posts, the gravatars on Likes and Tags overlapped each other.  I have checked with WP Support but apparently I doubt anything can be done about it unless I upgrade my CSS, something pretty technical to me.  My blog is pretty new and I am a novice, not that tech savvy to bother to pay for an upgrade so I am considering changing my theme.  I have browsed at other themes but none of them has that ‘soft and sweet’ feel that lovebirds give which is so appropriate to the theme of my blog.

Personally I do feel that the default font for this theme is pretty small and when I write an article, some readers may just speed read or scan through rather than actually reading word by word as this theme does not have that clear easy presentation unlike those twenty eleven or fourteen kind of magazine easy-to-read theme.  It takes a lot more concentration to focus on reading small fonts, what do you think?

Before I change my look (just considering at the moment), I would appreciate your precious opinions from readers and my blogger friends out there.  What do you think generally?  Do you like my current theme?  Does the small font or that overlapping Likes and Tags bother you at all or should I perhaps look for a makeover?


Should my lovebirds go?

I sincerely appreciate your precious opinion, please.

PS    IF there are no comments, it may appear that I would have no choice but the let my lovebirds go as no one is reading my blog.  (Sob….sob)   My aim is to make WordwideFriends an interactive blog so I would appreciate your honest opinion.  Greatly appreciated.  Thank you.