Are you at your prime?

What does at your prime means?


canstock5207581Generally I was told that women are at their prime in their early forties but of course that again depends on individuals.  ‘At your prime’ generally means you are at your best physical condition, health, beauty, sexual and any form of physical well being or attraction.  This phrase is generally used in conversation and I have heard it often from men who said that women are at their prime in their forties.  Perhaps those who said this, meant that women (or men) are at the peak of their life, when they are not too old or too young, still desirable and an attraction to the opposite sex.



mancartoonAt your prime could also be anything from physical attraction to career.  A man or woman in their forties or fifties could be at their prime because they are at the peak of the corporate ladder.


grandparentscartoonAnother category of being at your prime could refer to parents (probably now grandparents) who had raised their children who left their nest and started their own family.  Couple at their prime are happily retired after years of working, providing and saving for their retirement and now putting their feet up or taking a holiday as and when enjoying the remaining years of their life.


Does the prime of your life has to do with physical well being (health), money or happiness?  Is it all three or any one of those?  Is it the same for everyone?


Being at one’s prime has one common aspect irregardless of what it means.  To everyone, at your prime means one simple thing  – self satisfaction when one has reached their maximum potential.  Some may feel happy that they are physically attractive and gets second (or more glances) where ever they go, eyes turned around to give them a second look – when a woman thinks she is the hottest chick that every men would want to date or when a man thinks he is the most eligible bachelor around town.


Others may feel a sense of achievement in their career or proud that they have raised their children well.   When someone reach their prime, they have more or less reached the strongest point of their lives.  It is the time of maturity when power and vigor are greatest.  ‘Prime’ is a factor when one has performed their best at a stage of his or her life and that usually passes or fade away.  Prime takes a while to reach and is awesome when you get it.


Are you at your prime yet or are you still waiting for it to come?

If you are at the prime of your life, make it last, enjoy it,

cherish those moments because it will never come back again.