Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge : Orange


If Your Favorite Color is Orange

  • With orange as your favorite color, you are warm, optimistic, extroverted and often flamboyant.You are friendly, good-natured and a generally agreeable person.
  • You are assertive and determined rather than aggressive – having a personality color orange means you are more light-hearted and less intense than those who love red.
  • You thrive on human social contact and social gatherings, bringing all types together.
  • As a personality color orange you enjoy partying and socializing and planning all types of social events – orange people are the life of the party, the uninhibited performer! You are often the loud talker in a group.
  • While you are charming and sociable you do tend to be a show-off.
  • You get great satisfaction from helping others and they find you inspiring with your vitality and positive energy.
  • You are tolerant and accepting of others just the way they are.
  • You are a people person, motivated by what others may or may not think and always trying to keep up with the Jones’. You need people around you – being alone for too long makes you depressed and you then allow negativity to engulf you.
  • You are a free spirit who doesn’t like to be tied down – you are not always loyal in your relationships and find it difficult to commit.
  • You live your life based on your ‘gut reactions’.
  • You are an adventurer – you love the outdoor life, camping, climbing mountains and indulging in adventurous sports such as sky diving and hang gliding. You are the daredevil, always looking towards your next challenge, your next great adventure.
  • You enjoy being physically active, particularly in the outdoors, whether it’s simply going for a walk, or competing in high level sporting competitions.
  • You are full of life, always on the go, determined and competitive, always looking for new challenges – and this can lead to restlessness and impatience with others who do not have this need.
  • Lovers of orange like to take risks in many areas of their life, particularly in the physical areas. They prefer to explore their outer world rather than their inner world.
  • You may be lousy at housekeeping as it is not that important to you – you love having fun too much and don’t like the mundane – a little dust on the mantelpiece is not that important to you. However you love to cook.
  • You move on easily from life’s setbacks.
  • Patience is not one of your virtues and you can be quite forceful and domineering over others when under stress.
  • You can be indecisive, inconsistent and unpredictable.
  • You may be an unkind practical joker.
  • When operating from a negative perspective, a personality color orange can become aloof, egotistical, self-centered and uncaring.
  • When feeling fearful, orange lovers feel it in their abdomen, as though it is tied in knots.

Your Deepest Need

Your deepest need is to be with people, to socialize with them, and be accepted and respected as part of a group. You also have a need for regular challenges in your life, whether it is physical or social challenges.



Extracted from http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/personality-color-orange.html



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Roses are red, violets are blue ………


Look at these roses and see which you are drawn to most right now.  Then scroll down to read the corresponding Angel message for you.



WHITE ROSE:  This is a great time of transformation for you, dear one, where any changes you experience, whether they feel planned or not, are answers to your prayers to live more authentically and be who you truly are! Have faith because it’s all working out in ways you cannot imagine and you’ll soon feel a greater sense of freedom than ever before. Spread your wings, butterfly! 

PINK ROSE:  Be kinder to yourself, dear one, and remember that you are doing the best you can now and always. This is a particularly important time to practise self-care and to pay attention to how you treat yourself on a daily basis. You might like to ask yourself ‘Would I say or do that to my best friend?’ The answer may most likely to be no at first. But you can choose to be more of a friend to yourself now. You are worthy and wonderful in all ways! Bless your precious heart! 

YELLOW ROSE:  Any conflicts or situations involving others that have been bothering you are being resolved. Let go of focusing on the problem and visualize being at peace. You needn’t know how, but by shifting your view point, you create space for miraculous healing or your desired outcome to occur. You are surrounded by love and are never alone. Call on us for extra support whenever you need it, dear one. We love you 

RED ROSE:  This is a reminder that you are a powerful, wise being and your power is LOVE, dear one. So please give us any fears you have about stepping into this power and shining bright! And remember, too, no one else is the source of your happiness, so choose to be happy right now and focus on YOU. You have the ability to imagine, and therefore create, anything you desire. Shine on, beautiful soul! 

BLUE ROSE:  Immerse yourself in beautiful music as a way to uplift your mind and heart now, dear one. You are a vibrational being and the sounds you listen to have a great effect on your energy. This is also a sign to you if you have felt drawn to write or play music yourself, to go ahead! As you express yourself in this way, if only for yourself or loved ones, you open the door to new opportunities and a new level of your intuition.


Article credit https://www.facebook.com/annataylormusicangel

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes


If you want to try a three-picture story, great! If not, try three images of the same subject taken from different perspectives, three images of the same thing at different times, or even a single image inspired by “three” — three flowers blooming in a line, three dogs frolicking at the park, three cars waiting at a stoplight.

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Who said two’s company, three’s a crowd.

Three pairs of shoes.  Match those daisies to the owners below.

Three pairs of shoes. Match those daisies to the owners below.

Three friends having fun.

Three friends having fun.

Trade in the old for new.

Trade in the old for new.